Your Gin Personality

What do you say?

When we tell people what we do, we typically hear one of four responses:

 “I love gin.” -The Ginthusiast™

 “I just started drinking gin.” -The Ginlightened™

 “Oh, I don’t drink gin. I had a bad experience.” -The Ginskeptic™

 “I’m a vodka drinker. Gin tastes like a Christmas tree.” -The Ginnocent™

 For those Ginthusiasts™ out there, continue to “get your gin on” and spread the good word. To the newly Ginlightened™, go forth and explore the endless spectrum of gin concoctions that await you. For the Ginskeptics, upon speaking with you further, we typically learn that you may have, dare we say, overindulged in the past on a very juniper-heavy gin ... So to both you and the Ginnocent™, we say – Did you know that all gin starts out as vodka? We challenge you to try No. 209 Gin. Once people try No. 209 Gin, it is rare if they do not become converts for life.